Who We Are

ICAPO is comprised of representatives from the following organisations:

PCRM is currently serving as ICAPO's Secretariat, or administrative contact.



“OECD WPMN meetings provide an international platform for harmonisation of testing strategies that allow for efficient and effective assessment of the vast number of nanomaterials on the market. As a representative of ICAPO, I am able to promote robust in vitro testing approaches that protect human health and the environment.”
Monita Sharma, PhD
Nanotechnology Specialist
PETA Science Consortium International e.V.





“We appreciate the opportunity to contribute to OECD chemical safety activities. Over the years we have been able to advance our mission of facilitating the adoption of tools and strategies to replace and reduce the use of animals in chemical testing thanks to the collegial and science-based policy activities of the OECD Secretariat and member countries.”
Kristie Sullivan, MPH
Vice President for Research Policy
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine